Born and raised in Kelowna B.C., Carley Bailey grew up dancing at The Canadian School of Ballet.  In addition to dancing she also trained in voice under the tutelage of Sandi Deschner.   She went on to further her performance education at The Canadian College of Performing Arts where she trained under one of Canada’s most prominent instructors and choreographers, Jacques Lemay.  Upon graduation, Carley was hired as a headlining singer and dancer on board Holland America and Carnival Cruise Lines.  After 10 years of living out her dream as a performer, Carley returned to Kelowna.  She is now a director at The Canadian School of Ballet where she teaches jazz, tap and musical theatre to students of all ages.  In addition to running a dance studio, she is also the Artistic Director of her own performance company, “Company B”.  Carley feels most comfortable when she is on stage and always jumps at the chance to be able to share her passion for performing with others. 

Charles Stone

Bret Wiggins

Sandi Deschner

Back up Singer

Roger Anderson

From Vancouver

​Ken Kirschner

Tyler grew up raised by his grandparents in Chilliwack, B.C. He first heard Rock and Roll music when he was 9, bought a guitar at 13 and never looked back. It wasn’t until Tyler really wanted to pursue singing more and was asked to join the R&B band in Chilliwack Senior Secondary School. Given that all the vocalists in the band were female the teacher requested that Tyler sing a song that was a bit deeper in range, something more bluesy. Two weeks later Tyler performed “Trouble” at a school assembly. That’s when he fell in love with performing. Soon after a friend of Tyler’s suggested that he compete in Penticton Elvis Festival, and that is when he fell in love with the fans. The joy of people really feeling the music and the love for the man and the music blew Tyler away. Since then Tyler has performed in Penticton, Chilliwack, Busby and Mexico. This will be Tyler’s first time performing in Barriere at The Canadian Bluemoon Festival but Tyler plans on coming back every year.

Ken Kirschner has been a professional singer and musician for over 35 years, performing a wide variety of styles ranging from soloist to a member of various bands to choral work.     He is passionate about his craft and truly appreciates the inspiring and healing powers of music.     He was a founding member of the group Silverlode who met with some recording success in the 80’s, country band Deere John between 2006 and 2010, and continues actively writing, playing, and recording today.

Roger has been an Elvis fan since the young age of 6 when he heard Heartbreak Hotel for the first time on record and was blown away from what he heard. From that moment on he got everything he could get his hands on as a young kid to find out more on Elvis. Hey considers it a huge honor and privilege to perform his tribute to Elvis and loves to see the smiles on the faces of all of the Elvis fans when performing his tribute. He would like to say a huge thank you to the fans for keeping Elvis' memory and legacy alive and going strong, because first and foremost, he is just as big of a fan of Elvis' as all the wonderful fans the world are. Long live Elvis Presley!

Candy & Darla

The Judds

Back by Popular Demand - Australia's Mark Anthony

Saturday Night Headliner

As the tour producer for Elvis Presley throughout the 1970’s, Charles Stone had the rare opportunity to be closely associated with both Elvis Presley and his manager Colonel Tom Parker.

 Charles flew with Elvis and his associates on Elvis’ personal plane, The Lisa Marie, from city to city each time Elvis went on tour. Being in the unique position of traveling with Elvis and also managing the personal details of each tour, Charles experienced daily life in Elvis’ world and also developed a close working relationship and close friendship with Colonel Parker and the entire TCB gang.

 Charles began his career in entertainment in the mid 1960’ as a booking agent and worked with popular acts such as Little Richard, Fats Domino, Louis Armstrong, and the Coasters.

 In the late 1960’s Concerts West recruited Charles to promote artists such as Led Zeppelin, Chicago, Grand Funk, Three Dog Night, Frank Sinatra and eventually Elvis Presley.

 Although Charles has worked with many amazing talents throughout his career, and has years of memories and personal stories to share, nothing compares to his time spent on tour and in Vegas with Elvis, the Colonel, and all the enthusiastic, supportive fans. There is nothing he enjoys more than having the opportunity to relive his Elvis years as he shares his memories and experiences during frequent speaking engagements around the world.

 Charles’ book,“ My Years with Elvis and the Colonel” is both informative and entertaining and gives an inside peek into the Elvis we all knew and loved. Charles lives in Dallas, Texas and is currently involved in entertainment and artists management where he continues to promote the Elvis legacy

I have been a Elvis fan since the early 70’s , I always have enjoyed his powerful delivery of his Ballads and his many fun movie songs , I try to do my best vocally to bring back some memories of those great times , this is my 4th year at the Bluemoon Festival , and Loving every moment of it ! Sincerely Dino

Tyler Cody

Live Band Performing Every Night

Friday Night

Dino Macris

All I Have To Do Is Dream, Wake Up Little Susie, Bye Bye Love, The Boxer, Bridge Over Troubled Water, The Sound of Silence...

The Ultimate Tribute to Two Iconic Duos - The Everly Brothers, and Simon and Garfunkel - Byrd Dawg, starring Joel Dietrich and Wayne Rempel.

Joel and Wayne both grew up listening to those amazing harmonies and lyrics painting vivid pictures. Playing together in bands for several years they discovered their mutual love for singing and harmonizing. They read about Simon and Garfunkel, The Beatles, The Beach Boys, and many other artists all claiming to be influenced by Phil and Don Everly. The more Joel and Wayne played together, the greater their excitement and interest grew in developing a tribute to the influential Everly Brothers & Simon and Garfunkel.

Byrd Dawg has been performing for a number of years to smiling, cheering audiences who sing along. Come relive the excitement as Byrd Dawg performs songs full of harmony that have stood the test of time!​​

Direct from Las Vegas

with his Tribute to Rod Stewart

Byrd Dawg

Starting out as a musician/guitarist, Steve Hillis eventually added vocals to his repetoire.  After years of backing other singers, he stepped up to the microphone.  His first tribute was to Ritchie Valens. Then, he got some notoriety as 'Basically Brooks-Canada's Tribute to Garth Brooks'  At one particular show, an audience member (after hearing him perform several other non-Garth tunes) suggested that he may do well to add other characters to make a new show.  Steve continued to hone his vocal skills as he considered the “suggestion”.

“Voices of Legends” (as it is now called) is currently a featured tribute show of Steve's. He re-creates the music and voices of some of the worlds greatest performers...Johnny Cash, Elvis, Buddy Holly, Roy O, Neil Diamond, CCR and of course Garth, and more characters on the way!  To complete the show, there are costume changes for each character. Selling out all over Western Canada and soon to be in 'a town near you' – don't miss Steve Hillis'

“Voices of Legends” Show!

July 2017

Vic Vaga

Music has always been a big part of my life. I grew up listening to Elvis, received my first guitar when I was 10, played saxophone in high school and joined several local rock bands on Vancouver Island where I was born and raised. I went to my first ETA competition in 2016 and now I’m hooked!
What an honor it is to be able to perform the songs of Elvis. I’m looking forward to becoming better each year by paying tribute to such a great entertainer!

Ron Peacey

Rod Stewart- Vic Vaga aka the "VagaBlonde" is an exciting tribute artist whose unbelievably uncanny resemblance to Rod Stewart continues to leave audiences in awe from the moment he takes the stage. With Vic you get it all; the hair, the flair, the nose, the clothes and most importantly the whiskey voice.

Steve Hillis

Carley Bailey

​Back up Singer

Sunday Headliner

Mark Anthony

Sunday Afternoon Country

Darla & Candy have been performing their Tribute to the Judds since getting their big break on the Dick Clark television production, Your Big Break® in 2000. This dynamic duo have graced the stages of prestigious events from the west coast of Canada, to Orlando, Florida. A tour with Vancouver’s “Legends of Rock n’ Roll” included stops at the infamous “Merritt Music Festival”, while Legends Alive! invited these gals to the legendary Calgary Stampede. More recently, performances at Parksville’s Vancouver Island International Tribute Festival earned Darla & Candy the Fan’s Choice Award in 2014! 
Darla’s amazing voice and sassy swagger are a dead ringer for Ms Wynonna herself, while Candy brings her melodic harmony and up-close-and-personal Naomi-like rapport. Their uncanny resemblance and personalities deliver a truly authentic tribute to country music’s award-winning Mother-Daughter duo.

When I saw on television the Aloha from Hawaii Concert in 1973, it just blew me away and I have never been the same since! It is a truly amazing privilege and joy to perform as an Elvis Tribute artist. The Elvis Fans are just incredible people and it is a great honor to entertain them in a tribute to the King of Rock and Roll! 
My wife Judy, and our 3 boys have been living with my alter-ego for years.  I am very grateful that they are so patient with me and embrace the whole Elvis persona, and my tribute to him.  What a great family I am blessed with! 
I am really looking forward to returning to The Canadian Bluemoon Elvis Festival and hope to see old friends, meet many new ones, and connect with all of my fellow ETA’s!    Thank you very much to TCB ladies, Elaine and Elvina for inviting me back again this year!  I look forward to seeing you all very soon!”

Sandi began her singing career in Kelowna B.C. Canada at age 13, singing with her first band. Since then her career has spanned the mediums of recording, stage, television and theatre and has taken her throughout North America. After recording her first self penned album at the age of 18, she moved to Vancouver where she was a successful studio singer. During this time she co-wrote a song entitled “These Tears” with Stonebolts’ Ray Roper.   The song received generous airplay and went to number one on the charts in several Canadian cities. After touring in support of the song, Sandi moved to Los Angeles. She continued studio singing, lending her voice to many successful jingles. She also continued her stage work, performing at many movie premiers such as Batman, Ghostbusters 2, and Rainman, and working for many celebrities including Bruce Willis and Madonna. Television work soon followed with appearances on The Arsenio Hall show and Entertainment Tonight.   After working in the Los Angeles area and touring throughout the US, Sandi returned to Canada and decided to try her hand at musical theatre. She played the role of Mary Magdalene in a production of Jesus Christ Superstar, and then toured as one of the female leads in the Canadian Premier of Carole Kings “Tapestry”. She began to study vocal methods, and started “Voiceworx”, a vocal coaching business.  Sandi currently lives in Kelowna with her husband and daughter and works as a vocal coach. She continues to sing, write and play music.

Mark Anthony presents an exceptionally dynamic Elvis tribute that exudes the raw energy and true essence of The King Of Rock ‘n’ Roll.
As a young boy his ears and eyes were introduced to the music and styling of Elvis Presley. Immediately loving this phenomenon, Mark immersed himself in everything Elvis and quickly found that he had a natural talent for imitating the King. It wasn't until 2004 that Mark decided to seriously, and professionally portray Elvis with as much respect as it deserved.
Mark got his chance to be on the "world stage" in 2007, when he won the title of 'Grand Champion Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist for South Pacific' at the Wintersun Rock 'n' Roll festival, which played host to the Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Competition preliminary round, and was flown to Memphis, TN, to perform. He won this title again in 2008, and placed in the top 10 in the world performing in the finals of the Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Competition, Presented by Elvis Presley Enterprises.
He is considered to be in the top 5 “ETA’s” currently performing  in the world today.
Mark’s achievements include:
South Pacific Ultimate Elvis Grand Champion 2007
South Pacific Ultimate Elvis Grand Champion 2008
Toronto Canada Elvis Festival Vegas Winner and Grand Champion 2010
Lake George New York Elvis Festival Vegas Winner 2010
Collingwood Elvis Festival Early Years Winner 2010
Elvis Rocks Mesquite Nevada Early Years Winner and Grand Champion 2010
Penticton Elvis Festival 2011 Grand Champion
Pocono Mountain Elvis Festival 2011 Grand Champion
Recipient of first ever “Spirit Of The King Award” presented by Elvis Presley Enterprises at the 2011 UETA competition finals
Mark has performed on “The Elvis Cruise” held by Elvis Presley Enterprises in 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2012
Mark continues to tour extensively throughout Australia, America, Canada, Europe, and Asia, wowing crowds everywhere he goes. His three production shows, created by Mark himself, have received the highest accolades and much acclaim. 
 His spot-on mannerisms, looks, and moves, is shadowed only by his powerful rich and powerful vocal ability and allows you to get as close as possible to seeing the King himself. Through all of Mark's experiences in show business, none has given him the gratification and fulfillment as paying tribute to Elvis Presley.

Jeff shares a very similar story to Elvis'.  Both were singing by 5 years olds with their Mothers in church.  Both were strongly encouraged by their Moms to follow the gift of song.
Jeff has competed since 2000 and has honed his Elvis tribute to an amateur win in 2003 in Collingwood Ontario and a professional category championship in 2007 in Penticton.  Jeff was also fortunate enough to be one of the first 24 ETAs to compete in the Ultimate Elvis Competition sanctioned by Graceland and EPE.

Jeff Bodner

Michael was born in New Westminster and started playing guitar at age six. He studied trumpet, sax and voice in the school band and after university joined a travelling rock band as a lead guitarist. In his mid twenties he accepted a position on a cruise ship as a bass player and for the next 25 years he woke up every day in a different exotic locale. It was during this period that he started working on his cabaret show Diamond Jones and his trip down the Vegas Strip. Which is a tribute to Tom Jones and Neil Diamond, which still can be seen at theatres.

Scott Gamble is a first-call drummer & percussionist, currently living in the BC interior.  Comfortable in any style, he has worked with a broad range of artists, bands and orchestras, from progressive metal to high-end jazz, to symphonic and musical theatre.  He is also a sought-after studio musician, and has played on more than 60 recordings.  As well, Scott enjoys writing and composing, and has released two of his own CDs, as well as created scores for 3 live musical theatre productions.

Mark has been playing & writing music since he was 7yrs old. He started on guitar and picked up bass & keyboards in his early 20s. His main tool for composition is a keyboard, facilitating samples and sequencing, along with live recording. Mark’s professional experience spans about 35 years. This includes studio and live gigging.  He started out playing good old Rock; like most young guys back in the 70s. Then followed that genre for about 5 or 6 years. But after that he wanted to explore his musicality more in depth, so he studied artists like Allan Holdsworth, Earl Klugh, George Benson, John Scofield, Larry Carlton, Jeff Beck, Al DiMiola, John Mclaughlin, Chick Corea, Herbie Handcock, Jeff Lorber, and many other top Jazz & Fusion artists of that decade. He has always been primarily a self-taught musician. In the mid 80’s Mark joined a well known Vancouver Funk/R&B band named “H.B. Concept” (short for “Henry Brown”). For the next 15yrs he was immersed in this genre. The keyboard player and he also hired themselves out as a unit. Aside from duo gigs at Jazz bars, they played for the top solo artists on the circuit at that time like Ron Haywood (formerly lead vocalist for ‘Stripes’), Joni Bye, Lori Paul, Cathy St.Germaine (also from ‘Stripes’), Buddy Guy, and a few others. It was a lot of fun and he learned a lot about those styles. No matter what he’s written since those days, those 2 styles specifically have always been in-the-mix for him. Some of his favorite Funk/R&B/Soul artists are Prince, Morris Day, EWF, The BeeGees, Marvin Gaye, Bobby Caldwell, anything Quincey Jones touched, The Dooby Brothers, and lots of others from that time.  Mark also has a diploma in Commercial Jazz. His musical influences range from old spaghetti westerns to Cool Jazz to 70s rock, Fusion & R&B/Soul. Mark’s personal preference though is jazz fusion/smooth jazz, but he writes and plays just about any style; or is at least willing to try ;). He has a collection of movie/tv styled scores also. That’s always been a favorite pastime of his.

Steve Soucy has been a professional career musician for 40 years.  He has played blues, country, pop, rock & roll, with thousands of great singers and bands. He has also written and recorded over a thousand songs, played on 100s of artist CDs and produced recordings for 100s of artists. He won BC Country Music Keyboardist of the Year 5 times in a row and then served as Vice-President of that same BCCMA for 4 years. He loves singing, entertaining, & coaching people to enjoy music.
During ski season you can catch Steve regularly doing a piano man single up at Silver Star Ski Resort and in the summer he performs on Kelowna Dinner Cruises.
Steve also performs regularly with Le Mo Nay, a fabulous romantic music duo with Ms Julie Masi from the Parachute Club, as well as Uptown 10, a 10 pc dance band from Kelowna.

Gordie Frie is an award winning music teacher and performer. He has a master’s degree in music from Washington State University. He is also a member of the Uptown Hornz, which is fast becoming the number one pick up horn section in B.C.

Born and raised in Penticton, British Columbia, Chris has had the benefit of top notch education, and experience in his travels. Along with seven years in the Canadian Forces Reserves as a musician, clinician and adjudicator, Chris has spent time training in Japan, and touring Europe. A master of many styles, including Rock, Jazz, Symphonic, and Experimental music, Chris takes the trombone to the limits, and also has the ability to add to any section with his Electric Wind Instrument. (EWI)

Dean started playing clarinet at age 10 and joined the award winning North Vancouver Youth Band under the direction of Arthur Smith. He started playing pop, rock and jazz in small groups at age 16 in and around North Vancouver. After graduating from high school, he studied music at Capilano College and played saxophones, flute, and clarinet in a jazz quartet with notable Vancouver musicians, drummer -John Nolan, bassist -ReneWorst and guitarist -Michael Guild before joining Kansas City’s Pepper Neely Trio for a year. Dean then went to UBC to complete his degree in education, but found time to join John Nolan for the Jazz at the Planetarium series for CBC alongside bassist Torben Oxbol and Downchild Blues Band pianist, Gerry Palkin . Upon completing his degree, he joined the various pop/rock groups in the Vancouver area including The Visitors, the Bob Bradley group and TKO playing for audiences from Oregon to Nova Scotia. In his early thirties, he took a job as an educator in Penticton, BC, focused on raising his family of three and earning his Masters degree in Education. He retired from education in 2012 and has been fortunate enough to join the Uptown Hornz. He plays saxes, flute and arranges for the group.

Mike has been touring and Performing for the past ten years as founder of the Uptown Hornz , Mike has performed with many great musicians from James Burton Elvis’s lead Guitar player to Geoff Watson of the James Brown Horn Section . As well as a professional Trumpet Player Mike is versed in musical conducting and is one of his favorite past times. Currently the Uptown Hornz are in such demand with many different professional touring shows Mike’s passion is shown at each performance.

Michael Fic

Steve Soucey

Keyboards & Vocals

Scott Gamble


Mike Schell

Trumpet & Vocals

Music Director

Mark Larmand

Guitars & Vocals

Gordie Frie

Bari/Tenor Sax & Vocals

Dean Bates

Alto Sax/Flute & Vocals

Chris Manuel


Paul’s hometown is Abbotsford B.C. Paul has been singing Elvis songs since he was a little boy. He has been competing at the Elvis Festival in Penticton since 2005. In 2010 Paul came in 1st in the Amateur Division and now competes in the Professional Division. Paul has performed at Elvis Rocks the Canyon in Hells Gate, B.C., Busby, Alberta and throughout the lower mainland as well as many private events.

Darrell now resides in the Similkameen Valley. Darrell has performed with "The Imperials", "The Stamps Quartet" and recording artist "Ronnie McDowell". Darrell has thrilled audiences in numerous cities in Canada, USA, Mexico, the Caribbean, and one day hopes to tour Europe.  Darrell has been blessed with a gift and is thankful to God and all the loyal Elvis fans for giving him the opportunity to share his gift with them.  Darrell's hope is to provide a most memorable concert experience for the fans, to bring back some wonderful memories and to create a feeling that, "Elvis Is Still In The Building".

Other Performers

during the weekend

Paul Ellis

Darrell Douglas

 The Canadian Bluemoon ELVIS® Festival